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A Solution For Every Space

Space Global has a variety of building solutions, and we’re pleased to extend you all the help you need. From procuring land, designing and constructing your office building, to designing and executing the interiors. We have extensive experience in every asset class, and our expertise is recognised nation wide.
Up For Every Challenge

Challenges are the most exciting part of our work at Space Global. We take pride in our execution of challenging designs for some of our clients, which have included liaising with international architects, and procuring rare materials from Europe and America.
We Build on Our Strengths

Our people: Our inhouse team is highly specialised, and has years of experience. This team works seamlessly alongside specially selected outsourced teams.

Our processes: Our superior management skills lead us to import materials or source them directly from their manufacturers. We subject every element to a series of intense quality checks. Our processes combine cost-efficient supply chain management, smooth work flow, and procurement expertise.

Our facilities: Our in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facility reduces the onsite workload, by allowing us to prefabricate wherever possible. Our services also include scaffolding, carpentry, and transportation to ensure that these support services do not delay our projects.

Quality is Never an Option

Our finish: The quality of our projects is to the highest extent possible, and it is our attention to detail that makes all the difference. We think through every assignment before we begin working on a space, so as to address many possible problems that could potentially damage any aspect of your space in the future.

Our benchmarks: As pioneers in this industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to create benchmarks, rather than work towards meeting the ones that exist. We are compliant with international standards, not just Indian ones, and we aim to raise that bar even higher.

Our standards: The ISO standard covers all key business processes, their efficiency, and product quality. It also facilitates continual improvement.
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"When we set out to build a World Class Retail Store in Bangalore, India,that would rival stores found in Milan, NY or London, we were fortunate to have worked with Woodkraft.

Between their team and ours we believe we have delivered an outstanding project, and they have been selected to build our second Flagship in Mumbai at Palladium-Phoenix Mills."

The Collective
George M Santacroce,

We are very please with the quality and professionalism demonstrated by your company. Your highly effective project implementation skill, management and hard work gauranteed timely completion of the project. Your outstanding partnering sprit made working with your company a pleasant experience and we look forward to working with you in future.

SSgA Investment Research Services Private Limited,
Dhanshri Jogal, Vice President
Delivery & Tracking

We have an elaborate but efficient project tracking process that ensures frequent updates and timely delivery. A dedicated after-delivery support team helps our clients settle into their new environment. We are also undergoing implementation of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program which will further add to our efficiency in monitoring and tracking our projects.

A High Level of Professionalism

Our work ethics rest upon three pillars: respect for all, nurturing relationships, and absolute reliability.

We honor our commitments, and this helps us build long-term relationships based on trust and assurance. We also work towards exceeding client expectations, and that allows us to create a benchmark for ourselves.

We use resources with minimal wastage, and are utterly clear and transparent in our work. These are the reasons Space Global has earned a reputation for all round professionalism in an industry where such clarity is unheard of.

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